Critical Incidents


For all fire safety advice see:

Call 000 and call fire services.

Evacuation plan – A local Fire Prevention Officer during a recent visit (2013) stated that the estate was ‘low risk’ for bush fire as the grounds are well maintained. However, the Jindabyne Reserve is adjacent so we should be aware of the possibility of a bush fire.

In the unlikely event of a fire, the estate has two exits. The obvious one is the main gate but there is also a small pedestrian emergency exit in the boundary fence on the western side of the estate. See the map. This small gate is near the creek on the northern side and goes into the Jindabyne Reserve. The keys are with the Estate Managers and the Key Custodian. We strongly suggest you find out where the gate is and put the relevant mobile numbers in your phone for use in emergencies. See Executive Committee Members

Gate Failure

In the event of a gate failure, please contact any of the following persons, all of whom have keys to manually open the entrance gates: Common Property Manager/s or, if not available, Key Custodian.

Interruption to Electricity Supply

  1. First check your neighbours’ electricity supply. If they still have power, there will be a fault with your own house circuit breaker board. Check your own electrical appliances. Any difficulties phone local electrician.
  2. If the whole of Zenith Gardens are affected then look at surrounding streets. If they have lost power then it is a district problem. Phone Ausgrid 13 13 88.
  3. If the power interruption only affects Zenith Gardens please contact:
    1. Common Property Manager/s or Executive Committee Members
    2. Ross Bell Electrical 9971 4274 / 0413 279 392 (24 hours), or
    3. Ausgrid 13 13 88 (24 hours)