Information for all residents

If you have lived on the estate for a period of time or are newly arrived, it would be beneficial to take a look and refresh your memory about some of the benefits and requirements of living in Zenith Garden.

Please also familiarise yourself with the Zenith Garden Management Statement which will help you to understand the way in which Zenith Garden and the facilities are managed.

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The Executive Committee is also available to answer any questions you have, along with all your new neighbours of course!

The documents listed below are primarily for the use of Zenith Garden residents. However, if you are planning to purchase or rent a property in Zenith Garden, you might be interested in reading the Management Statement to familiarise yourself with the community guidelines.

Additional Information...

Security - Keys and Gate Controllers

Residents are asked to liaise with their real estate agent or vendor to obtain keys to the front gates and pavilion sporting facilities. If this is not possible, keys are available from the Key Custodian.

These include:

To arrange to program the intercom front key pad to open the gate via your home phone, please contact the Common Property Manager.

Please do not keep or force the main security gates open under any circumstances. Make sure that everyone in your family who needs a pedestrian gate key or electronic gate opener has one.
Please report any suspicious activity or trespassers to the police or your Executive Committee.


In love!

There are many beautiful cats and dogs living with their smitten owners at Zenith Garden. To ensure that we all love them, please be a responsible owner...


Dog owners are reminded of their responsibility to always keep their pets on a leash when walking around the estate.
It is also important to remember to pick up their faeces to ensure the cleanliness of the estate and health of all residents. Barking: Excessive or nuisance barking should be acted on to avoid disturbing your neighbours. Anti-bark courses and devices are available if your dog barks excessively. Dogs are not allowed in the enclosed pool area for hygiene reasons.


Zenith Garden is fortunate to have beautiful common areas which are home to many native fauna, so please keep your cat inside at night. It's the law! Don't risk the pound. The Executive Committee and Warringah Council support the Companion Animal Act, which enables the community to address issues of predation by domestic cats. The Companion Animal Act states that:

Also, if your cat does venture outside during the day, please ensure a collar with a bell is on the cat to protect wildlife.

Residents’ Grounds and Gardens

Residents should be aware that they have an obligation under the Neighbourhood Agreement to maintain and keep their gardens in good repair and to a high aesthetic standard. Lawns should be regularly mown and edges trimmed.

Non-compliance will result in either a verbal warning or written notice. If this written notice is not complied with, the Association can appoint contractors to rectify and recover any costs incurred from the owners.

Jimenii Gardens (Estate appointed gardeners) can be utilized by residents if they wish and James Stampfli (owner) can be contacted on 0402138742 to arrange a quotation.

Building and Landscape Alterations

Owners should be aware that any building structural additions/changes (including installation of solar panels) may require approval from the Executive Committee. Also, any significant changes to landscaping need approval from the Executive Committee. This also includes tree removal, so that the Committee can ascertain if Council approval is required.

By Law Part 1(xix) in the Management Statement refers.

Owner Property Maintenance Standards

Owners shold be aware that all external features on the lot (including but not limited to, the residence, driveway, fences, outbuildings, grounds and gardens) need to be maintained and kept in a good condition and repair.

Solar Panels

Per the Management Statement, solar panel installation must be approved by the Executive Committee to ensure the aesthetics of the Estate are not compromised. Owners looking to install solar panels are also asked to inform any neighbours who may be impacted by the proposed changes.

The Executive Committee is supportive of solar panels with the key obligation being to ‘maintaining the aesthetics’ By-law and therefore provide the following solar panel guidelines that endeavours to minimise any potential or perceived negative impact on the aesthetics of the Estate: -

  1. Roof plan with the proposed panel layout needs to be provided
  2. Panels need to fit flat to the roof (not overhanging) and be of a consistent shape and size and be in a tidy format
    Solar Panels
  3. The panels need to be non-reflective and ideally have black matt frames
  4. The installer needs to be reputable

It should be noted that the intention of the Executive Committee is not to impose any unnecessary additional cost for panel installation or loss of energy efficiency

No Smoking or Consumption of Illicit Substances

Residents should note that smoking is prohibited in the following common property areas:

  1. swimming pool area including the brick paved area both inside and outside the pool fence;
  2. children's playground/swing area;
  3. inside the Pavilion building (smoking on the Pavilion verandah is permitted);
  4. inside the swimming pool bathrooms and sauna;
  5. inside the tennis court including the table / bench seating area adjacent to the tennis court;
  6. the brick paved and lawn area in front of the Pavilion;

In addition, consumption of any form of illicit substance is prohibited on common property.

Footballs / Basketballs

Due to on-going issues with damage being caused to the Pavilion, gardens and hedging; footballs, basketballs and the like are not to be used in the common areas of the Estate (which includes the tennis court). Local parks and grassy areas are available close by.

Tennis Court

The tennis court is to only be used for tennis and badminton, notwithstanding tai chi and yoga are also permitted. There is to be no fitting of equipment to the court, nor any activities that could damage the court.

Dogs are not permitted in the tennis court area.

Squash Court

The use of squash, badminton and racquet ball racquets and balls/shuttlecocks is allowed. Note: There is to be no fitting of equipment to the court, nor any activities that could damage the court.

Other balls, racquets or bats including but not limited to tennis racquets and cricket bats are not allowed.

Tai chi and yoga is also permitted.