Parking & Road Safety

Speed Limit is 25km/h

The maximum speed limit on all roads within the estate is 25km/h. The reasons for the need to strictly adhere to the speed limit are that we have both narrow roads and children playing within the estate. Also the vegetation at some corners in the estate reduces visibility and for these reasons everyone needs to be vigilant.

You can assist by talking to anyone you see driving carelessly. If in doubt, please refer to the Executive Committee.


There is no on-street parking permitted anywhere within the estate, as the roads are narrow and must be kept clear for safe access by all other vehicles, emergency vehicles and pedestrians. Furthermore, Northern Beaches Council appointed refuse disposal contractors will not enter the estate to collect residents’ garbage on Tuesdays, if parked vehicles block roads.

Residents are required at all times to park their vehicles (including boats and trailers) within the confines of their garage, carport or driveway. The only exception are the residents of the Pavilion unit, who are entitled to use one space of the visitor’s car park as they pay for this privilege and are also entitled to use a second space, provided there is a space available.

Visitors may only park within the confines of the designated Visitors Parking Zones or the residential driveways of persons they are visiting. If parking zones are full, visitors must park along Carnarvon Drive.

The designated Visitors Parking Zones maybe utilised by visitors for a maximum period of 30 consecutive days, or a maximum cumulative period not exceeding 30days within a calendar year, unless otherwise agreed by the Executive Committee.

Should there be extenuating circumstances where a resident requires the need to park in the designated Visitors Parking Zones, then a formal request must be submitted to the Executive Committee requesting approval.

If you are having a party, please make sure your guests are aware of parking arrangements.
Contractors hired by or delivering goods / services to residents must park off the road on the respective resident’s driveway. If you feel someone is breaching the parking guidelines on a regular basis, please contact one of the Executive Committee Members, as the Association is empowered under the Neighbourhood Agreement to impose an administration fee penalty of $250 for parking breaches, where the need arises.

As a general rule, where such breaches occur, the Executive Committee will look to adopt the following process:

Please help us keep the estate safe. If there are any queries about speeding or parking, please contact the Executive Committee.